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Tom Brewster Releases "Eighteen Missing Pages"

On the day Owen Black was notified that his employment was coming to an end, he had even worse news. His wife was leaving him. He was an ex-navy seal and his training was in killing terrorists, and breaking things. There wasn't much call for an experienced soldier in the modern day workforce. Owen and his wife had been together since grade school. He was lost, empty, and unemployed. When he tried to get back into the military, he was denied. He had seen too much, fought too many battles, and they believed he was mentally damaged by war. The Navy recruiter's brother was looking for employees to tear down buildings in Washington, DC, and Owen was offered a job. He traveled from his home in Kentucky, took up residence in a broken down apartment building with a young man who would be his coworker. The two of them were a wrecking crew, proficiently disassembling ancient buildings in historical districts.

One day they dislodged a leather satchel from within the wall of a civil war era building. What they found was a world changing document, and an item worth millions. The New Jersey Mob, and the FBI both got wind of it, and they wanted what Owen and his young friend had found. From that moment on, they were pursued unbeknownst to them. The intrigue ended when they learned they were under surveillance by law enforcement and criminals alike, They found a way to take matters into their own hands.

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