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"Taking It to Our Knees: Rigorous Prayers for Life's Greatest Challenges" by Craig D. Lounsbrough

With over thirty-three years of experience as a counselor and ten years as pastor, Craig can testify to the centrality of prayer in grappling with life's most difficult and painful issues. Having worked in a variety of treatment settings that include psychiatric hospitals, outpatient clinics, facilities for the blind, agencies that serve both the physically handicapped and developmentally disabled, churches and various ministries. Craig has walked with tens of thousands of people through some of life's most devastating moments. In a life journey marked by the pain, loss and hopelessness experienced by so many, he has repeatedly witnessed the transformational power of prayer.

This unique book provides the reader with a timely, inspirational, and user-friendly framework to effectively enhance their own prayer life in order to boldly navigate and overcome life's difficulties. Additionally, the daily readings and timely quotations provide meaningful thoughts to not only assist the reader in growing beyond life's difficulties, but to effectively build a victorious life that is both sustainable and satisfying.

"Taking It to Our Knees: Rigorous Prayers for Life's Greatest Challenges". Order your copy on Amazon today:

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