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Author Keith Hirshland Releases New Novel "Murphy Murphy and the Case of the Commission on Cliches"

When we last left Murphy Murphy, the Department of Redundancy Department detective had just solved a mystery that revolved around the popular rock band, Serious Crisis. That success made headlines and sent Murphy's world spinning. Acclaim followed in the form of TV network interviews, a book deal, and ultimately a call from Hollywood. Now, back in Los Angeles our intrepid detective goes from movie set consultant to crime solving detective with one, out of the blue, phone call.

The Commission on Cliches is in crisis and only Murphy Murphy can solve the case. Murder, mayhem, and a motive as old as the hills ensue as redundancies and cliches abound. Can Murphy crack the case? Only time will tell.

"Murphy Murphy and the Case of the Commission on Cliches". Order your copy on Amazon today:

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