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Fox and Hound Books Release New Children’s Book “Emersyn & Isabela” In Audiobook Format Worldwide

Fox and Hound Books have just released the new children’s book “Emersyn & Isabela” written by author Barbara Hines and narrated by Liz Terry.

Who doesn't have problems? The answer is nobody!

Meet Emersyn and Isabela Lovejoy--ten-year-old twins who instinctively rise above their parents' overwhelming problems in their own high-spirited way.

With twice the intensity and double the fun, brother and sister demonstrate a unique and timeless relationship, nurtured by the natural world and punctuated by a sense of community and faith.

It's a story that's set in the American northeast, but truth be told it could take place anywhere in the world where there are children and parents needing understanding and kindness.

Order your copy of “Emersyn & Isabella” written by author Barbara Hines and narrated by Liz Terry on Audible today:

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