Follow A Mother's Tragic Journey In "Tenderly Beats the Lonely Heart" by Author K.J. Janssen

One of the most heartrending choices a mother can make is giving up her newborn child. "Tenderly Beats the Lonely Heart" is an epic novel about the plight of one such mother who gave up her child at birth, but decides twenty-three years later to find him to reassure her that she had made the right choice. While such journeys are commonplace, the tragic events that occur on Miriam Walton's odyssey are far from ordinary; each step fraught with turmoil and tragedy.

Can Miriam Walton overcome the catastrophic obstacles that are thrown in her way as she seeks to reunite with the son she gave up at birth?

Will her husband support her plan to reveal herself to her son Thomas?

Will her son Thomas recover from the Traumatic Brain Injury he sustained in a stage collapse and will he accept Miria