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Johnny Vincent is a singer-songwriter from Boston who can't get a break. The year is 2001, the U.S. has declared Operation Enduring Freedom. Almost homeless, friendless, and fatherless too, Johnny compromises his genius for a one-way ticket to Paris. Once there, he checks into the Beat Hotel, befriends an actor playing Beat Poet Gregory Corso in a film, falls in love with a Vietnamese girl, and befriends an African rapper.


Through a series of events back home, Johnny discovers that his father is Jim Morrison of The Doors and is buried at Père Lachaise cemetery. Johnny needs proof so him, and his new friends decide to dig up Jim's grave for a DNA sample. This is a story of the awakening of the spirit and how reality greets the truth seeker.

  • Paperback: 334 pages

  • Publisher: Beacon Publishing Group 

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-13:  978-1949472370

  • Category: General | Fiction

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About Author

Troy Henriksen is an American visual artist, writer, and musician, who has been living and working successfully in Paris, France since 1998. As a visual artist, Troy is known for his colorful, bold, and optimistic paintings and has thousands of collectors worldwide. He is represented by Galerie W Paris. Troy has written two books New Man New Identity (Critéres Editions ) and Lets Get Wasted (Galerie W Editions). He is an established songwriter with French Fries Publishing (Paris) and Universal Music and plays regularly with The Bowling Team (rock) and Troy And The Human Condition (folk). He is the lead singer for both.

Troy was born in New Bedford Massachusettes on Sept. 30, 1962, seven years to the day and hour of James Dean’s tragic death, which he sees a sign that he could possibly be the reincarnation of Dean. The two also share a similar attitude and passion for bongo drums, acting, and painting. As a child, Troy wanted to be two things: an artist and a fisherman. Troy’s parents immigrated from Norway in 1950 and his father was a sea captain. Troy first went out to sea with him at age 11 and fell in love with the ocean. At 15 he quit school and became a full
share man and first mate on scallop boats and fished in Alaska for a winter. At 21, his life as a rebellious drunken sailor caught up to him and he was forced to take a two-year break. D in uring this time, Troy went to rehab and lived in a halfway house for two years. It was in this period of soul searching he began to find his voice as an artist. At the age of 26, he was ready to commit suicide and while searching for a rope to hang himself he found a can of yellow paint. Instead of killing himself, Troy began to paint. From that moment on, he has not stopped.

Around 30, Troy retired from sea life to pursue his creativity full time. During his thirties, he discovered the poetry of Auther Rimbaud and was convinced he was also Rimbuard in a past life. At the moment of this realization, Troy walked out of his apartment, left the door open and TV on, and bought a one-way ticket to Paris. He arrived in Paris in August 1998 befriended a German student who offered him a room in exchange for a painting a month. The address of the room was 10 Rue DeBuci, the same place Auther Rimbaud stayed. Troy painted in that room for two years working with color and how words correspond on a cognitive level. For the last 20 years, Troy has produced a prolific body of work of paintings and songs.


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