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Susanne McAllister

BA SoSc Counselling/ M.A. Transformative Studies

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Susanne McAllister is a Wellness and Health Coach, Counsellor, Meditation Teacher and Author, who once learned about cold therapy and sat in an ice bath whilst training with Wim Hof the Iceman.


Born in Germany, Susanne often got in trouble for asking too many questions, or the ‘wrong’ questions! She was inquisitive, read every book she could get her hands on and always wanted to know “why”.


Susanne’s passion is working with children and families to improve their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being in our community. She especially works with women that are exhausted, want to balance their hormones and get their health, weight and mojo back on track.


She has lived in several countries around the world, but has settled in Queensland, Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Social Science in Counselling, a Master’s Degree of Arts in Transformative Psychology and a Diploma as a Spiritual Mentor and Meditation Teacher.


She is also associated with treasure house, an orphanage in Fiji and is determined to get enough funds to buy Christmas presents this year for all 24 children over there.


She has developed a unique therapeutic process called “Inner Connection” which she writes about in her newest book, Stop Chasing Shadows – With the power of Inner Connection and Live an Abundant and Meaningful Life. In this book she looks at ways we can improve relationships and find peace and contentment in life.


In her spare time, Susanne teaches and dances Nia and can be found gigging as a singer of “the German beer chicks’ and “Ransom Duo” along the Sunshine Coast.  She loves to reads and enjoys nothing more then holding a good dinner party with good music and good healthy food for her friends and family.


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