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“The Strange and Curious Cases of Roscoe Brown” By M. Ward Leon

Set in the backdrop of 1960s Coney Island, Detective Sergeant Roscoe Brown and his partner Detective Jimmy Walsh of the Homicide Unit solve some of the most strange and curious murder cases New York has ever seen. To the tourist, Coney Island is known as the “Playground of the World”: home of the Wonder Wheel, Steeplechase Park, and the famed Cyclone roller coaster. On the surface, Coney Island is all fun and games, but there’s the dark underbelly of evil, depravity, and murder that is the world of Detective Sergeant Roscoe Brown.

Detective Sgt. Roscoe Brown is a hybrid of iconic detectives of a bygone era; he is an amalgamation of the old school, hard-nosed, tough, no-nonsense cop. Who always goes by the book… most of the time. His cases involve serial killers, psychos, assassins, and Nazis. Bizarre cases that include everything from a murdering polygamist to a street gang cross-dressing killer. From a Nazi revenge executioner to the real untold story behind the JFK assassination. Finally, the sensational untold stories locked away for years in the dusty files of the NYPD are brought to light. In the sordid world of Detective Sergeant Roscoe Brown, there are only three kinds of people, either you’re a witness, a suspect, or you’re the victim.

Beacon Publishing Group is releasing “The Strange and Curious Cases of Roscoe Brown” by author M. Ward Leon in paperback and Kindle format worldwide on Friday June 19th, 2020.

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