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"The Road to Floradixie" by Tom Brewster

There are few things that occur in a flash that change our entire soul as a nation. One of those was the 9/11 attack on the World Trade center. In a surreal moment, even the least concerned about world affairs became totally irreversibly involved. Terrorism was instantly front and center to everyone around the globe. To some it was more personal. Many of whom lost loved ones in the inferno at ground zero, could not rid themselves of the need to “even the score”.

The Road to Floradixie is traveled by a magnificent man of superior intellect and strength, one who became part of the secret organization borne out of the many survivors/relatives to “always remember”. To fight terrorism in the shadows.

Along come two old unsuspecting retired cops who wander into the secret war. Completely out of their element, ill-equipped for little more than a fishing trip, they embark on a path that ultimately destroys a sinister plot to kill every tourist on Hollywood Beach, Florida. The battle culminates at the Floradixie truck stop, the bloodshed second only to loss of life since 9/11.

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