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"The Power Of Legacy" Written by Randy Sutton on audiobook!

Prepare yourself for a journey, because you're about to meet some of our nation's most successful people - and those who made them who they are. What defines a successful life? Legacy - what we leave behind; what we pass on to others.

There are heroes among us who have become an inspiration to us all. Meet Bonnie Carroll, the real-life inspiration behind the film The Big Miracle, who, after losing her husband in a military air crash, created an organization that has helped thousands of veterans' families traumatized by death and injury. Meet Kevin Saunders who, against all odds, survived one of the most devastating industrial explosions in American history. Catastrophically injured, he fought his way back, becoming a world-recognized Paralympic athlete and motivational speaker.

See how Father Joe Carroll, the Catholic priest, dramatically improved the lives of countless homeless men, women, and children by creating the nation's most innovative facilities to rehabilitate, educate, and restore the lives of those in need. Get to know Jacquelyn Mitchard, the number-one New York Times best-selling author of more than 20 books and films, who has also touched lives by creating a safe and creative environment for abused women.

Learn about Sandy Heverly, whose entire family was killed and injured by a drunk driver punished only with a $100 fine, and hear of her tireless crusade that changed the laws and the lives of thousands of victims. Listen to incredible stories of compassion, charity, sharing, leadership, justice, and courage told by some of America's most inspiring men and women. This is the power of legacy. 

Download your copy of "The Power Of Legacy: Personal Heroes of America's Most Inspiring People" written by author Randy Sutton and narrated by Jim Rush on audible here:;

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