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The Deceased Party On in “Stoner Ghosts of Santa Monica” By Author Karen Karlitz

Henry Davis kicks the bucket at a Los Angeles hospital. Unlike Elvis who has left the building, Henry's still there and aware of everything around him, including his toxic ex-wife's hookup attempt with his doctor. So begins Henry's stint in the spirit world. Contrary to what Hollywood would have us believe, the dead don't wear white sheets or sport human bodies. They have the outline of a body and face similar to their own and are covered with silvery transparent scales. They come and go as they please, but only spirits can see or hear other spirits. It's a good thing, too, because they look like something you might see on a bad LSD trip. Having come of age in '60s and '70s New York City, Henry quickly discovers he can get high by inhaling the second-hand smoke of the living potheads at the Santa Monica apartment building he inhabits. Much of this imbibing takes place at the pool. Whether hitching a ride on the back of an oblivious surfer's bike, helping his deceased buddy in apartment 105 find a dead mate in T.J. Maxx or stowing aboard a cruise ship to Cabo, Henry navigates the afterlife with heart and humor, encountering a diverse bunch of characters from both worlds. "Stoner Ghosts of Santa Monica" is an optimistic spin on the afterlife, a place where fun, love, creativity and friendship flourish. It is a story of people who are dead, but party on.

“Stoner Ghosts of Santa Monica” written by author Karen Karlitz will be released worldwide through Beacon Publishing Group on Friday March 20. 2020. Available in Kindle and Paperback format, reserve your copy on Amazon today:

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