Take A New and Serious Look At The Man Who Shaped A President in "Thomas Lincoln: Abraham's Father"

Hundreds of books have been written (and are still being written) about Abraham Lincoln. But in the annals of Lincoln history, Thomas Lincoln, Abraham's father, is a largely neglected figure. He rates a few paragraphs in an otherwise large biography and has served as a quick backdrop to the birth and childhood of our sixteenth president.

Early Lincoln biography did not consider Thomas worthy of much mention. William Herndon set the pattern for how Thomas has been viewed historically. Thomas was seen as "roving and shiftless", lazy beyond repair. Thomas was said to be uneducated and against education. He was portrayed as mentally and physically slow, "careless, inert, and dull". He was the obstacle Abraham overcame to become great.

That view of Thomas Lincoln is wrong. Thomas was not dull or inert or lazy. He lived in a different path from that chosen by his il