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Still Lost In The Forest – What Happens Next In “Wyld Magic” (Legends Of The Lost Tribes Book 4)

With her sister still lost in the Forest, apprentice mage Enkarini is practicing harder than ever in the hopes of finding some way of getting her back safely.

A combination of natural talent and stubborn determination help her to quickly become one of the most skilled mages on Drenius, despite her tender age.

When the green dragons of the Lost Lands become agitated and fly south, burning all in their path, Enkarini discovers she possesses abilities far beyond anyone’s expectations.

Read the entire captivating series, “The Colourless (Legend of the Lost Tribes Book 1)” , “Beyond The Serpent Hills (Legend of the Lost Tribes Book 2)”,“Devil’s Moon (Legend of the Lost Tribes Book 3)” and the 4th book in the series “Wyld Magic.” 

Beacon Publishing Group is releasing “Wyld Magic: Legends of the Lost Tribes Book 4” witten by Kitty Lewis on Friday January 4th, 2020.

Now available for pre-order in Kindle and paperback formats, reserve your copy on Amazon today: 

The official website for Beacon Publishing Group may be found at

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