Operation Red Dragon Utilizes Super Human Soldiers To Save Humanity - Be Very Afraid

The year is 1964, and the top secret group Operation Red Dragon has been utilizing advanced technology and superhuman soldiers to keep Kaiju - prehistoric survivors and modern mutations of varying size and strength - from destroying humanity since the end of World War II.

Theirs has been a constant struggle to keep these horrifying creatures at bay, and despite some close calls, the world has remained safe. The struggle is about to escalate, however.

The Daikaiju - the largest, most powerful creatures in all of creation - are about to make this secret war very public, and the destruction from their fast-approaching battle will be catastrophic.

Fortunately, the agents of Operation Red Dragon have a plan - not necessarily to prevent the fight, but to keep human civilization intact when the dust settles. For this plan to work, they need one down-on-his-luck reporter to serve as their witness...assuming he can cope with the absurdit