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Not All Games Are Meant To Be Won In The New Novel “Attrition” By Author Emilio Iasiello

When a billionaire game manufacturer finds out he’s dying from an incurable disease, he summons three former close friends from college to pilot a new murder mystery game his company’s developing. Estranged since graduation, each has fallen on hard times and see the invitation as a way of soliciting financial assistance from their wealthy friend. But there’s a reason that the men have not talked to each other since college and coming together means opening old wounds. After the billionaire dies from strange circumstances, the friends decide to continue to play in the hopes of collecting a sizeable sum given to the person that solves the game.

When it’s revealed that the game was designed to expose the individual guilty of a murder forty years ago in college, the true meaning of friendship is tested as the men compete not only for the prize but also to stay alive in the process.

Beacon Publishing Group is releasing “Attrition” by author Emilio Iasiello in paperback and Kindle format worldwide on Friday June 26th, 2020.

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