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Learn To Be Active, Look Good, Travel and Socialize In The New Book "Hardcore Health: Live Young!"

We don't just want to live a long time. We want to live young! We want to enjoy life, be active, look good, travel, make love and socialize.

Robert Yonover, PhD, attacks the problem of aging with personally researched techniques and practical advice from today's medical experts.

Jennifer Armstrong, M.D., Advanced Skincare and Surgery Medcenter, Newport Beach, CA, shares guidelines for keeping skin young.

Adam Crowe, PDC, permaculture consultant, herbalist and organic farmer, gives practical advice on growing bursting-with-nutrition food.

Katie Amato, BS, MA Public Health, shares healthy and delicious recipes.

Hardcore Health-Live Young! is a wellness and health book that attacks the problem of aging by staying healthy, fighting age and disease with diet and lifestyle, and "living young."

We seem to be bifurcating as a society into those who learn about how to be healthy and take care of themselves and those who choose instead to simply live the commercialized low-nutrient, high-toxin, sedentary lifestyle. Since you are reading this book, I suspect you are one of the former.

Not only have the guidelines to healthy living presented in this book been shown effective, but having practiced this myself virtually my whole life, I have had direct personal experience watching what happened to my friends and family according to the choices they made…Do you want a shorter life burdened with disease and fatigue? Or do you want a life of vitality and adventure? The choice is yours.

—Joseph Pizzorno, ND, author of the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine (2,000,000 copies in six languages), the internationally acclaimed Textbook of Natural Medicine, The Toxin Solution.

Beacon Publishing Group is releasing Hardcore Health: Live Young!  by Robert Yonover, PhD, Amadam Crowe, PDC and Jennifer Armstrong, M.D. Friday September 6, 2019. Now available for pre-order, reserve your copy today:

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