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Kathy Arlyn Sokol Releases "Rasta Time: A 40-Year Journey Through Bob's World"

RasTa Time is Kathy Arlyn Sokol's personal journey with the King of Reggae Bob Marley, which has spanned over four decades. Her journey takes us from Kansas and Japan, where she first met and toured with him, to Miami, Jamaica and the Bahamas to learn more of his music's enduring power. The book was inspired by Kathy's in-depth interview with Marley in 1979 in Tokyo. It is perhaps the last still-unreleased conversation with the legend in the world. Subsequent interviews with his family and friends reveal how the King's philosophy has been translated into art & action.

It is an essential primer for all those who love Bob Marley's music and spellbinding persona, and seek to understand more of his social vision and spiritual roots.

“RasTa Time: A 40-Year Journey Through Bob's World” written by author Kathy Arlyn Sokol. releases on December 2, 2022. Order your copy on Amazon today:

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