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"In the Footsteps of the Few" by Author Craig D. Lounsbrough

As Christians, we subtly fall into behaviors and patterns that are diminishing, ineffectual and compromised. These are embraced by a secular culture that delights in undermining the Christian narrative in the larger culture. Therefore, our frequently lackluster, ever-dimming, and perpetually compromising faith is reinforced by the larger culture that seeks its demise.

In time, we begin to lose touch with what it is to be a Christian. Majesty and mystery fall to pulpits scurrying to explain why the church has failed to seize the culture and inspire it to better things. The relevance of Biblical principles as held against the dynamics of the 21st century seem to be ill-explained or not explained at all. We pound out repetitive principles of a faith that has forgotten how to articulate who and what it is.

This book arises out of ten years in pastoral ministry and thirty years in the counseling field where the lives of untold thousands of people needed something from me to grant them hope, encourage broken spirits, make sense of their disjointed journey, and at times save their lives. This book is an effort to do exactly that.

“In the Footsteps of the Few” written by author Craig D. Lounsbrough. Order your copy on Amazon today:

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