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Go Behind The Scenes In The New Audiobook "Yes, Ma'am!: Running the Thin Blue Line - A Cop's Memoir"

Officer Susan L. Bickett invites listeners into her squad car for a ride-along in the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Not unlike the good, the bad, and the ugly, listeners will experience the routine, the tones, and the unbelievable.

In this candid day-in-the-life memoir, listeners will experience the humanness of police officers as they serve and protect their communities. In an occupation where no two days are the same, being prepared is a unique challenge, especially as a female officer.

Officer Bickett shares her journey from under the headset, to beat cop, and even a brief detective stint.

Buckle up! This is a ride full of stories with a glimpse behind the badge while riding the thin blue line.

Unique perspective

You will definitely be impressed by the unique perspective presented by this memoir. Officer Susan Bickett is a woman thriving in a profession that is dominated by men. This memoir narrates experiences from the point of view of a tough female cop.


Just like any other person, cops are people, too. You will realize that cops are humans who feel emotions like anger, sadness, joy, and compassion.


With 22 years of experience, Officer Susan Bickett is guaranteed to surprise you. Listeners will be taken into an exciting ride of action and emotions with this fantastic memoir! Sit back, relax, and let this audiobook take you to exciting places!


This memoir, aside from narrating the daily life of a cop, is also filled with life lessons that will inspire you to do good and to be a better person. You will come to know that cops appreciate the little gestures like smiles and nods of thanks that acknowledge their hard work.

Behind the scenes

Officer Bickett's memoir will take you behind the scenes of a cop's daily life. It's not always full of action like what you see on television. Each day is different and unique in their own way, and most of the time cops help people without need for force or violence.

Download your copy of Yes, Ma'am!: Running the Thin Blue Line - A Cop's Memoir written by OFC. Susan Bickett and narrated by Jason Acquisto in audiobook format on Audible today:

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