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"Follow Me Down" By Author Gordon MacKinney In Audiobook Format

Urban explorer Lucas Tremaine should buckle down and complete his masters in architecture, but the past torments him. Six years earlier, Drax Enterprises' negligence killed his father and left his mother strung out on Valium. Lucas longs to punish the corrupt behemoth of Cincinnati real estate development, but what can one man do?

"Plenty," says old Mr. Blumenfeld, Lucas's boss and a former photojournalist with too many secrets.

Evidence to bury Drax exists, he claims, but to find it, Lucas must breach the city's welded-shut subway system. Lucas takes the plunge, aided by his best friend and moral compass, Reuben Klein. The deeper the duo infiltrates the dangerous underground, the further back they turn the clock.

They learn that Drax's corruption intertwined with fascism's rise in Germany. That campfire tales of a subway crypt were true. That no one can be trusted, not even Lucas's boss. 

Download your copy of "Follow Me Down" written by author Gordon MacKinney and narrated by Gregory Walston on Audible in the United States here:;

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