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Find Out Who's Shooting Up Dirty Sam's In "The House Always Wins" By Author Tom Minder

Someone is shooting up Dirty Sam's. Will the Long Harbor police get their man, or woman, before a casino heist, a slots player who disappears in a puff of smoke, a crossbow-toting florist, and an undercover agent who makes a mean goulash, complicate the investigation? Oh, for the simpler days of illegal gambling. Find out who's shooting up Dirty Sam's in the new audiobook "The House Always Wins" written by author Tom Minder and narrated by Tom Calhoun. Now available worldwide, download your copy today!

Tom Minder lives in southern New Jersey, with his wife Paula, and writes novels and short fiction. He is published in various online journals and in the Beach Nights anthology from Cat & Mouse Press. He is a member of the South Jersey Writers' Group and The Writers' Coffeehouse.

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