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Find Out How Jonah Survives A Train-Wreck Childhood in "Child of Wrath" By Author JB Biggs

Spanning 30 years, Child of Wrath is the story of Jonah, initially a tough ten-year old survivor who wants nothing more than a real home where he can be a normal kid. Jonah's erratic and abusive father leads the family on an endless nomadic quest for the next "great thing".

This dangerous odyssey brings the Franklin family to one cult-like compound after another, culmi-nating in a caged life in a missionary compound in the highlands of Papua New Guinea where Jonah will do almost anything to escape.

This coming of age culminates in joining the Israeli para-troopers and fighting in a war in the Middle East.

Can a child of wrath escape the insanity, become his own man, and ultimately create a home for his own son in the aftermath of a train-wreck childhood?

"Child of Wrath," the new novel by author JB Biggs will be available worldwide on Friday, February 22, 2019. Reserve your copy of this amazing biographical story on Amazon here:

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