Explore Themes Such As Cybernetics, Consumerism, Robotics and Transcendence In "Nexhuman"

"A thoughtful meditation on what it means to be human and an exciting peek into a world that is just around the corner." (James Patrick Kelly, Nebula, Locus, and Hugo Award winner)

There is Alba. And there is everything else.

In a future threatened by the spread of "kipple" (garbage and trash), Peter Payne is part of a fringe society that scavenges junk to survive.

His days are spent in the refuse of humanity and running with a teenage gang called The Dead Bones led by his brother Charlie. But when Peter finds beauty in the world in the shape of Alba, an advanced model female nexhuman, he finds purpose...and love. When Charlie and The Dead Bones destroy Peter's dreams for the future, Peter embarks on a quest to rebuild the object of his obsession.

Exploring themes such as cybernetics, consumerism, robotics, and transcendence, "Nexhuman" expands on classic science fiction to build a world as deep and searching as its main character.

Download your copy of "Nexhuman" written by author Francesco Verso  and narrated by Greg Douras on Audible today:


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