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"Dreamwalkers" by Brooke Terry

Trouble brews in the country of Arvenia, but life continues on for most of its residents. Only the dreamwalkers know that something has changed. They hide their secrets as they have always done, but this cannot protect them from the gruesome attacks that plague Arvenia's lands, stretching from the capital of Avendale in the west, to the coastal parish of Willow in the east.

The dreamwalkers are being murdered, and someone is stealing their skills, the very essence that separates them from typicals and allows them to enter into and influence dreams. An unlikely pair of dreamwalkers are united as they both seek answers and justice: Ansley, an 18-year-old girl, who has just inherited her skill, and Kenna, a seasoned wielder of earth.

Separately, they use their skills to protect their families and friends in the dream realm, until they are brought together by fate. Little do they know that the past holds the answers to the questions they now face in their search for justice and the age-old evil that seeks to destroy the heritage they hold so dear.

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