"Discovered: A Devon Childs Adventure" By Author Daniel Marc Chant

Beacon Publishing Group has just released "Discovered: A Devon Childs Adventure" written by author Daniel Marc Chant and narrated by Alex Parrish in audiobook format. Now available worldwide, download your copy today!

When renowned cryptozoologyst Dr Devon Childs is hired to debunk the legend of the Loch Ness Lake Monster, she believes that it's another publicity stunt by multi-millionaire Jim McCallum to promote his latest development venture in the area.

But when a mysterious death sends panic across the Loch and the media, Devon begins a new investigation, and it's not long before strange clues begin to surface that call into the question the real reason for McCallum's interest in the area . . . and the terrifying truth about the legend itself. Daniel Marc Chant is an author of strange fiction. His passion for H. P. Lovecraft & the films of John Carpenter inspired him to produce intense, cinematic stories with a sinister edge.

Download your copy of "Discovered: A Devon Childs Adventure" written by Daniel Marc Chant and narrated by Alex Parrish on Audible in the United States here:


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