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"I Am Ed" By Author R.A. Akerlund out now and available on eBook and Paperback.

In the wake of their mother's death, the Henderson boys find solace in music as their oldest brother, Ed, sacrifices his dreams to keep his siblings out of foster care. Under Ed's tutelage, the boys form what proves to be a popular rock band. Signed by a major label as, the brothers seem to have transformed grief into success and fame. And if security comes at the expense of Ed's happiness, it's a price he's willing to pay for his brothers—but it's price that's beginning to take its toll.

As the pressure of fame and living only for others weighs down on Ed, he falls into the wild booze and cocaine-fueled parties of the 1990s music scene.

His brothers must now care for the one who cared for them. The Hendersons are about to discover the inevitable truth that sometimes the hunt for happiness ends in pain. 

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