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Beacon Publishing Group Releases "Legends of The Lost Tribes" Books 1 & 2 By Author Kitty Lewis

Beacon Publishing Group has just released "The Colourless" and "Beyond The Serpent Hills" the first two books in the "Legends Of The Lost Tribes" book series by author Kitty Lewis.

Now available, download your copies today!

"The Colourless" When Kandrina's beloved older brother Perlak was taken by the fearsome Lightning Demons, she swore an oath to the gods that she would avenge him. But the Demons may not be as evil as the People's temples say they are.

They may not even be responsible for her brother's death. Her tutor Remlik has another theory, but when Kandrina tries to explain it to her father, she is declared a heretic. The priests punish her, but she is rescued by a curious Demon, who takes her to their crystal city on the plains and begins teaching her that the two races are not so different. "Beyond The Serpent Hills" The old priests have fallen, the Demons are no more, but Kandrina has yet to find out what really killed her brother. Her need for revenge takes her and her former teacher on a perilous journey into uncharted territory. They must travel north, into the lands of the fearsome lizard men known as the Li Buqu. Meanwhile, the tribal lands are under attack from predators, and rising internal conflicts between the Vice-Chiefs threaten to disrupt the People's way of life.

Download your copy of "The Colourless" Book 1 in the "Legends of The Lost Tribes" series written by Kitty Lewis here:

"Beyond The Serpent Hills" Book 2 in the "Legends of the Lost Tribes" series here:

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