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Author Amanda T. Fox releases new novel "Dragon Scars"

Can she tame the beast within?

Resigned to a life of solitude, Jasper Rogue knows he is not meant to be king. His scars have left him shunned by his own people, and unloved by anyone left in his afterlife. Love had become a distant memory, an idea that he knows he will never be able to attain, until the day he hears a cry for help from the one woman who would change his life forever.

Forced into hiding by the demons who seek her soul, Emeline Lillian can only wish for a life of adventure, and a man who will love her for all eternity. Yet, no one in the small, mortal village she lives in can quench the thirst she has for something more in life.

From the moment they meet, there is a connection between Jasper and Emeline that neither can deny. But when a surprising villain turns up, ready to rip them and the world they covet apart, Jasper will do whatever it takes to keep Emeline and her father safe. But will Jasper be willing to risk falling in love? Or will the beast he perceives himself to be destroy his one chance at happiness forever?

“Dragon Scars” written by author Amanda T. Fox. Order your copy on Amazon today:

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