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Another World and Hidden Family Secrets Make "First We Drown" An Intriguing Story For All To Enjoy

Cora's escape to a tropical island is meant to give her a reprieve from the struggles she has recently been facing. When she is confronted with hidden family secrets, suitors who just might get her killed and another world she never imagined existed, Cora is left to wonder if she would have been better off staying at home.

Rebecca Salas has always had a love for foreign cultures and mythology which led her to earn her Bachelors degree in Archeology from Brigham Young University. As a young woman her aunt took her on a trip to the Caribbean and she has been in love with the ocean ever since. She now lives on her homestead in Pennsylvania with her husband and five children.

Beacon Publishing Group is releasing First We Drown written by author Rebecca Salas on Friday July 26th, 2019. Reserve your copy on Amazon today:

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