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Of Julia and Men 

By Peggy Hinaekian


The story of beautiful, seductive Julia—a young Middle Eastern woman—and her men, spanning three continents. After a failed first marriage, she is constantly in search of a man who would be husband mate-rial. She is engaged to be married to a Frenchman of noble ancestry. During their year-end trip to Moroc-co, she meets an Argentinian grain merchant who pursues her. However, she is attracted to his son Luis, a dashing young man, seven years her junior. She rebuffs the father’s advances but does not forget the way Luis kissed her during an impromptu dance. 

After having separated from her fiancé, she meets a prominent Swiss banker with whom she seriously contemplates marriage. She has finally met the love of her life. She now lives in Geneva and accidentally bumps into Luis. A seething, tumultuous love affair ensues and she is torn between her love for the two men who both want to marry her. The banker offers her a stable future but she is rather doubtful about a volatile future with the much younger Luis. Her exhausting double life goes on for a few months until an unexpected event complicates her dilemma. In desperation she turns to her ex-husband who she coinci-dentally meets on a trip up the Nile. The story starts in Egypt of the 1950s and takes twists and turns through Morocco and Europe of the 1960s and ends in La Jolla, California with a surprise ending. 

It is a story of passion, love and forgiveness.

  • Kindle: 281 pages

  • Paperback: 394 pages

  • Publisher: Beacon Publishing Group 

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-13: 978-1949472929

  • Category: Fiction | Contemporary | Romance

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