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JB Biggs was born in the seaside town of Vallejo California and won a scholarship to the California State Summer School for the Arts for creative writing. He grew up all across America and the world, living in unconventional circumstances from the Sierra Nevada Mountains to southern Missouri to a compound in the South Pacific nation of Papua New Guinea. After returning to the USA, JB traveled to Israel, where he volunteered for the Israeli paratroopers, the most elite force for which he was eligible. Of the 800 volunteers from his base, only 80 were selected to try out - an intensive exercise that involved running up sand dunes, crawling across beaches, and not being allowed water until collapse from dehydration (of course, paramedics were nearby with IVs). In the end, JB was one of 11 who made it through the try-out. Placed in the 202nd Airborne "Viper Company", he spent the next three years immersed in the Second Intifada War.


After signing up to go to Iraq as a security contractor for the US State Department and battling with PTSD, he cashed in the IDF equivalent to a GI bill, earning a degree in government and International Diplomacy from the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya, Israel, where he was selected as an Argov Fellow in International Diplomacy. JB worked on Capitol Hill as a congressional staffer before escaping Washington DC and finding a career as a software product manager. After all the globetrotting, war, and politics, he finally came home to the quiet town of Summerville South Carolina, married a Charleston native, and returned to his lifelong passion of writing. If life experience is a writer's fuel, he has enough to launch a reasonably sized lunar mission.


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