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         JACK MOODY


Jack Moody is a short story writer, poet and freelance journalist from wherever he happens to be at the time. He has had work published in multiple magazines and journals, most of which you probably haven't heard of. Jack's forthcoming novel is entitled "Dancing to Broken Records" and is a collection of short stories that follow the mistakes and misadventures of Henry Gallagher, an alcoholic struggling with mental illness, as he reflects on the people, choices and life events that got him to where he now stands: at the edge of a bleak and uncertain future.


From his difficult childhood to his substance abuse to his unhealthy predilection for women, Henry's life is at equal times darkly humorous and unapologetically human. With similar stories of down-and-out characters fighting their way through the underbelly of life sprinkled between Henry's narrative, the overarching and prevailing theme is the question of fate versus freewill; that is, do we end up where we do purely because of the choices we've made, or—in Henry's eyes—are some of us simply doomed at birth to fail?


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