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Fun, scary, exciting, descriptive

"I am loving this author! This book is so descriptive that as I read it, I succinctly portray it vividly in my mind. And it’s so compelling that it’s hard to put it down. I highly recommend it!"

Two Thumbs Up for D Hudson Hallow's' Debut!

"As an adult reader fantasy novels are often far too predictable. This book had enough edginess and mystery that kept me intrigued and turning pages throughout. Think Netflix's Stranger Things meets Harry Potter! The description and detail will leave you mesmerized. Two thumbs up for D. Hudson Hallow!"

Good and Evil Collide!

"This book is an exciting read. It draws you in and is difficult to put down. There are unexpected twists and turns that catch you unaware and amp up the thrill level. While the book is written for a younger generation of reader, as an adult I but found the book to be a fun and insightful read. Thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it for all ages."

Highly Recommend

"I was looking forward to this one and it did not disappoint. The author has a real knack for world-crafting and compelling characters. Lots of scenes that would look great on the big screen someday. My teenagers are enjoying it too."

Franklin Hobbs and the Quagmire of Darkness

By D. Hudson Hallow

In a quiet Minnesota town, twelve-year-old Franklin Hobbs and his mother, Angel, find themselves being stalked by a malicious foe, one that can appear as a human in almost every way, except for a single doesn't have a face. The saga all begins on the eve of his tenth birthday. While Franklin sleeps soundly, he is visited by two competing entities; one that wants to murder him and one that hopes to help him. He awakens the next morning to find out that he has been healed of a crippling injury, which had kept him bound to a wheelchair since he was two. But on the same night, he is also gifted with strange and wonderful powers that he will need as he journeys to discover who he really is and why he is being hunted.


With the help of some faithful friends, Franklin Hobbs will do battle with bloodthirsty beasts and encounter other savage monsters as he travels out of Earth and into a dark, parallel version of what he knows. Here, on his enemy's territory, he will also face the most dangerous opposition of all...the Darkness that grows inside of him.

  • Paperback: 508 pages

  • Publisher: Beacon Publishing Group 

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-13:  978-1949472899 

  • Category: Young Adult | Fiction

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About Author

D. Hudson Hallow had taught for many years before he decided to put his passion for storytelling and writing to a practical purpose.  Over the years, seeing how a really good book could help transform his students into fervent readers, he was eventually motivated to start writing down stories of his own; many of them bedtime sagas that he had told his little ones as they fell asleep. One day at school, he read the first twenty pages of a novel that he was working on to his class, which prompted one of his more avid readers to tell him that he “was now one of his favorite authors”. If he needed any more incentive to finish the book, that compliment was it. Hallow’s most recent novel, ‘Franklin Hobbs and the Quagmire of Darkness’, was a story that was especially enjoyable for him to imagine and create. He was always eager to see what sort of predicaments his characters would get into, how or if they would thwart the antagonist, and what their interactions with each other would look like.  “Sometimes I truly didn’t even know the details about what was going to happen until I sat down and started typing…. I’d say that inventing adventures and ordeals for someone else to go through, that’s my idea of a good time,” D. Hudson Hallow confessed. Hallow grew up reading J.R.R Tolkien, who he describes as a “brilliant artist…able to develop a fantasy world unlike any other, and somehow make it feel as authentic as real life.” He also credits his favorite novelist, Dean Koontz, the author of many best selling suspense novels, as being his storytelling inspiration. D. Hudson Hallow has taught in Minneapolis, Minnesota for over twenty years and lives in Albertville, a suburb of the Twin Cities, with his wife Jennifer, four children, and two dogs. He loves being a teacher and author, but also revels in his summers off, when he volunteers up at a camp as the boat driver and ski instructor.


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