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Fill the Chalice

By Sean Mott


Solomon Netty has it all: A good job, faithful friends, and a compound filled with utterly devoted followers. He's spent years building his religion from scraps into a mammoth deep in the forest. He's finally ready to take the plunge and take his cult to the world beyond. But now there are a few complications. The local sheriff is breathing down his neck, looking for any excuse to raid the compound with an army of officers. A rival leader preaching the gospel of wanton hedonism has set up shop nearby, ruthlessly poaching members. And there's also the pesky problem of dead bodies turning up in the forest, all bearing the mark of a serial killer.

Solomon has to hold onto control of his compound and his sanity long enough to slay the beasts pounding at his door and complete his mission or risk tumbling into oblivion.

Fill the Chalice is a darkly comedic thriller from a fresh new voice in literature.

  • Paperback: 484 pages

  • Publisher: Beacon Publishing Group 

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-13:  978-1949472738  

  • Category: Thriller | Fiction | Comedy

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