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        Ben H. Gagnon

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Ben Gagnon is an award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker whose in-depth research on Celtic and Irish cultures is the basis for his supernatural novel of historical fiction, People of the Flow. Early chapters won honorable mentions in two categories at the Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition in San Francisco in 2015.


As an independent researcher in archaeo-religious studies, Ben was the subject of a recent feature article at, regarding his identification of a winter solstice motif that appears in the sacred artwork of nine different world cultures over more than 4,000 years.


As a documentary filmmaker, Ben wrote and co-produced a documentary about a small town in northern California, The Light at Point Arena, which was broadcast on PBS affiliates in northern California in 2004. Two years later, on-line voters awarded him Documentary of the Year for producing and writing The Entrance to Aspen.


Ben has been a campaign manager for an open space district in the Roaring Fork Valley of western Colorado, where he was also project manager for a new public radio tower, and for two years promoted and co-produced The State of the World Conference, held at The Aspen Institute. He's been a frequent public speaker and enjoys filling in as a substitute DJ at KDNK Public Radio in Carbondale, CO, where he currently lives.

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