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Salvatore “Sal” Slocum is a sales representative at True North, LLC, a direct marketing company hawking a self-improvement system based upon the personal experiences and wisdom of the company’s founder, the enigmatic Burt Leathers. Thirty years earlier a blinding flash of light erased Leathers’ memory, yet also imbued him with strange persuasive powers and a keen intuition. Even more curious – any compass within his vicinity points directly at him. Taken together, Leathers interpreted these signs as proof that he had achieved enlightenment, and promptly set about building a business empire imparting his knowledge to the masses for fifty dollars a pop.

One morning, shortly after arriving for work, Sal is summoned to Leathers’ office and given the shocking news that he has been chosen to take over the company following his boss’s imminent departure. The part Sal wasn’t told about – the death threats being sent in by a disgruntled customer named Don Bagley, a Stetson-wearing, gun-toting, wannabe cowboy who has vowed to exact vengeance against the company for ripping him off.

As Bagley travels across the country toward True North’s headquarters, he has no idea that he himself is being pursued by a woman with whom he had a chance encounter at a roadside bar, one whose identity and relationship to both Salvatore Slocum and Burt Leathers will change everything.

True North

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