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Lisa wakes up one day and everything is in black and white. She enlists the help of her best buddy - Shadow - and off they go to Colorville to bring color back to her town. Each Rainbow Person she encounters gives her a token of that color: a red rose from Ronnie Redheart, an orange from Monsieur L'Orange, a sunflower from Marvin Garden and the Golden People, a patch of grass from Mr. Greenfield, a blue saxophone from Mrs. Blew, and a purple scarf from Lady Violet. Once Lisa has all the tokens, she is able to create a rainbow as her bridge back home. Set against a colorful backdrop, the subtext of embracing diversity and inclusion is a running theme throughout this delightful tale of the Rainbow People. Maureen Cronin is the author of two previous novels, Happy Brain, Happy Life and Go Faster Go. This is her first children's novel. Prompted by the children who loved her storytelling, Maureen put pen to paper and created Rainbow People. Her niece, Lauren Cronin, is one of the children who loved the story as a toddler, is the illustrator, bringing life to the characters in Maureen's imagination. Maureen is currently working on her next novel. Lauren is currently pursuing her master's in psychology at Binghamton University.

Rainbow People

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