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Troy Henriksen Releases New Novel "The Journey of Johnny Vincent"

Johnny Vincent is a singer-songwriter from Boston who can't get a break. The year is 2001, the U.S. has declared Operation Enduring Freedom. Almost homeless, friendless, and fatherless too, Johnny compromises his genius for a one-way ticket to Paris. Once there, he checks into the Beat Hotel, befriends an actor playing Beat Poet Gregory Corso in a film, falls in love with a Vietnamese girl, and befriends an African rapper.

Through a series of events back home, Johnny discovers that his father is Jim Morrison of The Doors and is buried at Père Lachaise cemetery. Johnny needs proof so him, and his new friends decide to dig up Jim's grave for a DNA sample. This is a story of the awakening of the spirit and how reality greets the truth seeker.

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