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Mystery, Supernatural, Ghosts and Women Sleuths, Read About All In "The Wildwood Ghost Mystery"

Wildwood Springs Lodge in Steelville, Missouri, has been a vacation center in the Ozarks for nearly a century. The "Jewel of the Ozarks" still impresses visitors with its balance of grand style and rustic charm.

One summer morning, Wildwood's manager Steffi hears a faint voice, and embarks on a journey to uncover a decades-old secret.

How did Sally Ann Corey disappear?

Aided by Sally's ghost, Steffi searches through the history of Wildwood, Steelville and the surrounding area to discover the answer.

"The Wildwood Ghosty Mystery" is an incredible new novel written by author Lanin D. Thomasma, and is sure to please those who love to read mysteries, supernatural and ghost stories, and this mystery is led by a female sleuth, looking to solve a secret that has been dormant for many decades.

Pick up your copy of "The Wildwood Ghost Mystery" available now on eBook, Paperback and Audiobook through the Beacon Publishing Group on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other major retailers today:ómasma-ebook/dp/B07G4LJH11/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1533577129&sr=1-1#customerReviews

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