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Find Out What Would Happen If You Could Control The Weather In The Conspiracy Thriller "Blue Condor"

Years of top-secret government experiments in modification of the world's weather systems has resulted in increasingly violent storms and "natural" disasters on a global scale.

Victor Sine, Chief of Security, receives information causing him to believe his entire weather control project may be compromised by the unwitting or intentional actions of John Wayment, a popular TV personality in Denver, Colorado. National security requires he be stopped, bought off, or otherwise compromised.

Frustrated by normal channels, Sine engages an old Mafia contact in Kansas City to locate or generate information to blackmail or otherwise compromise Wayment.

His home is broken into and his best friend mysteriously dies in a military helicopter accident. Sine's frustration continues to grow through the deliberately modified eruption of Mount St. Helens. Finally, being unable to compromise or control Wayment, Sine orders out a contract on his life.

"Blue Condor" is written by authors Martin and Martin and will be available worldwide on February 1, 2019 through the Beacon Publishing Group. Reserve your copy on Amazon today in Kindle and paperback formats:

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