Shannon Briwen

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I was born in the Alps, Brigantion, nowadays called Bregenz. When I was a child, I started to research ancient cultures with a focus on Celtic culture. Then when I turned nineteen, I started to study Business Administration. But it did not appeal to me, so I saved up some money and went to L.A., California in order to study acting.

But I did not like it as much as I hoped I would do. So, I went back and resumed my Business Administration studies. There, I also took courses in Celtic studies, but, nevertheless, I finished my bachelor's degree in Business Administration. During that time, I started to write my first book in Florida. I wrote for several years, usually whenever I was travelling. Then I thought, I could try to publish my book, because once a guy told me that everyone could write a book and publish it! Thus, I finished my first book and created the concept for all further books in San Francisco. However, I did not publish it right away, instead, after I had finished my first book I started to work as an account manager in the logistics industry, in Bregenz. Then during my work as an account manager, I decided to seriously pursue an author career and write books with a focus on Celtic and ancient cultures, since I felt and still do feel that writing is something which connects everything of who I am.

Furthermore, over the years I gained a lot of experience in the field of worldwide ancient cultures above all the Celtic culture, the gods and goddesses and I wanted to write about these researches and experiences! 



New York, NY


Fiction and Non-Fiction

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