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"The Portal To Bieldor" By S.J. Adams. Get yours on eBook and Paperback available now!

Timmy Atkins is a model student at the highly regarded Wroxham Public School. He loves his academic studies, hates sports, has very few friends, and generally keeps to himself. Fellow pupil Pete Rogers is the polar opposite and would much rather be commanding a team of fellow sportsmen to victory than sitting in a stuffy classroom learning algebra.

After a science experiment goes horribly wrong, Timmy and Pete await their punishment in the headmaster's office. Bored, the boys search for something to pass the time. Timmy's curiosity is piqued by a hidden door Certain that he has located the headmaster's secret wine cellar and unable to resist temptation, Timmy steps into the darkness and disappears.

Not wishing to face the headmaster alone, Pete soon follows … and immediately wishes he hadn't!

The boys find themselves alone in darkness. Blissfully unaware that they have now transgressed in a far greater manner than creating a simple explosion in a classroom, the pair soon realize that they are in a cold, dark cave. Where are they? In an unfamiliar world filled with strange creatures, the two reluctant heroes are soon encouraged to lead a quest to overthrow an evil tyrant who has stolen the throne of Bieldor. As they set off in search of Castle Elaror, they are forced to grow up before their time. In order to succeed (and survive), they must work together to battle not only the elements but malevolent creatures that would see their quest end before it begins.

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