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"Revenge of the Beast" by Author M. Ward Leon

The Worldwide Affiliates of Safari Partners, W.A.S.P. has challenged Le Gang de la Clé de Singe to a winner take all deathmatch on the desert island of Kanacea, in Fiji's Lau Archipelago. The battle will pit five of W.A.S.P.'s best hunters against the best five eco-warriors of Le Gang de la Clé de Singe. Warriors Rodin, Iceman, Isala, Sue B, and Fu Hao are reunited once more as Le Gang de la Clé de Singe's all-star killer team, literally.

If W.A.S.P. wins, Le Gang de la Clé de Singe will agree to stop killing big game trophy hunters but will continue hunting poachers and all illegal game traders. If Le Gang de la Clé de Singe wins, all W.A.S.P. members will agree to forever stop the hunting of elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos, and African buffalo.

Revenge of the Beast tells of the eco-warrior's adventures from Botswana, Oklahoma, Texas, Viet Nam, to the south Pacific island of Kanacea and points in between. The saga of Buzz Murdock and his colossus friend, Bumbley Bee, a 1600-pound Bumble Bee Grouper continues. Bumbley, who had been rescued from poachers in Luminous Lagoon, Jamaica now resides in the waters of southern Viet Nam. And Buzz is once more called upon to aid his best friend Rodin and his team.

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