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Find Out The Ins and Outs of Getting Even As An Entry Level Assassin In "Don't Get Mad"

"I wish he was dead!" Have you ever had that wicked thought? If not, then you've never met the contemptible Mike DiMarco, a man that gets his solitary pleasure from wrecking lives.

Hypothetically, if DiMarco ruined your life and left you penniless, beaten, and broken, could you kill him? Well, you're off the hook because Sturgis will do it for you - or try.

Your mission now becomes that of a cheering supporter as you hear about the efforts of a lovable, clumsy man as he humorously, yet doggedly, discovers the ins and outs of getting even as an entry-level assassin.

"Don't Get Mad: The Ins and Outs of Getting Even As An Entry Level Assassin" is a novel of love, laughter, insanity, friendship and getting even, in the new audiobook written by John Vocale and narrated by Robert Keesecker. Now available worldwide download your copy in Audible today:

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