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Be Yourself In The New Audiobook "The Perfect Shade of Green" By Author Brian Barlics

Cami is a chameleon who is very content and quite proud of her greenish glow. She won't change for anything! No matter what season, what the circumstance, day or night, she is not interested in blending in. She'd rather spend her days and nights in the perfect shade of green. Why change from black to white or any color in between?

Author Brian Barlics currently lives in California with his wife and four children. He is a Pediatrician with a strong love for children and is dedicated to their health and well-being. He believes not only in the physical health of children but also in the enrichment of their minds and building of their character. He is a strong advocate of the many well-supported benefits of reading to your child. Reading to children, at any age, encourages a strong parent-child bond, promotes literacy, and fosters their full inner potential. Brian has now taken on a new venture as an author of children's books. His award-winning publication, Brady Needs a Nightlight, was released on April 11, 2013. His second book, The Perfect Shade of Green, was released on Feb 6, 2014.

Get your copy of the audiobook for "The Perfect Shade of Green: Fundamentales, Book 2" written by author Brian Barlics and narrated by Liz Terry on audible today:

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