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Daniel Cravens Taylor

Daniel Cravens Taylor

Daniel Cravens Taylor is a Project Manager by trade. That may seem an odd qualification for writing a biography of Thomas Lincoln but Dan has been a student of Abraham Lincoln for over 50 years. Delving into every aspect of Abraham Lincoln and working through large amounts of Lincoln information and trivia with the organizational and detail-oriented nature of a Project Manager is rewarding. He is thorough and looks at topics from all angles. In researching Thomas Lincoln over a period of years, he applied his tenacity to digging into the facts of Thomas’ life and now brings us Thomas Lincoln: Abraham’s Father, the first full biography of Thomas’ life. Lincoln buffs and history buffs will not want to miss putting this book on their shelves.

Dan has been an Indie author for many years with six other books to his credit, one of those being another Lincoln book. He was born and raised in the Midwest, living a quiet life, working fulltime, volunteering at his church and in his community. He looks forward to retirement when he can put his passion for writing at the top of his to do list.


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